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CUHK Programme Taster Fair
11 July 2020 (Sat)

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Programme Topic Speaker / Host Time Link / Registration
Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme) and Juris Doctor
(BBA-JD) Double Degree Programme
Master Class and Programme Highlights
"BBA-JD: The Best of Both Worlds"

Hospitality and Real Estate (HRE) Mini-lecture and Competition Briefing : HRE Innovative Ideas Competition 2020 __

10:00am -10:45am
  Presentation Submission Deadline   5:00pm  
 Integrated BBA (IBBA) Taster Class: A Black Swan Event in the Crude Oil Market Dr. Anson Au Yeung
Co-Director, ABS Programme
12:00nn -1:00pm
  Programme Highlights Dr. Fred Ku
Director, IBBA Programme
Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis (IFAA) Mini-lecture: Actuarial Mathematics and Actuarial Profession Prof. Albert Wong
Director, IFAA Programme
4:00pm -5:30pm


Professional Accountancy (PACC) Taster Class: "The Power of Measurement" Prof. Han Stice
Assistant Professor, School of Accountancy
11:00am -11:45am
  Programme Highlights Dr. Edmund Wong
Director, PACC Programme


Quantitative Finance (QFIN) Information Session for QFIN & Student Sharing with QFIN Students/Alumni Prof. Ying-Foon Chow
Director, QFIN Programme
2:00pm -3:00pm
  QFIN Live Chat Current Students of QFIN 3:00pm  
Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science (QFRM) Mini-lecture:
Prof. Phillip Yam
Co-Director, QFRM Programme
12:00nn -12:45pm
Global Economics and Finance (GLEF) Information Session for GLEF & Alumni Sharing Prof. Ying-Foon Chow
Co-Director, GLEF Programme
Prof. Terence Chong
Co-Director, GLEF Programme
10:00am -11:00am
  GLEF Live Chat Current Students of GLEF 11:00am -12:00nn