Admission Requirements

Program & Admission Requirements

Integrated BBA Program (IBBA)

IBBA offers a flexible curriculum to make your personal aspirations come true. Learn essential business fundamentals from our world-class faculty and gain specialist expertise via up to two concentrations (out of nine options) to set you on course to your profession of choice.Read More

Global Business Studies (GBS)

GBS offers a unique immersion opportunity for students to develop a truly global mindset. Offered in collaboration with the Copenhagen Business School and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, GBS offers an innovative curriculum taught across three top international business schools in Asia, Europe and America.
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International Business and Chinese Enterprise (IBCE)

IBCE trains experts who explore the important Sino-U.S. business relationship and make influential decisions related to two of the world’s largest economies. Offered in collaboration with the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina (USC), IBCE delivers a cross-cultural learning experience with an option for graduates to complete a one-year Master of International Business at USC.
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Integrated BBA and Juris Doctor (BBA-JD)

The programme combines the strengths of CUHK Business School and Faculty of Law to blend business and legal studies into a rigorous but balanced curriculum. Students graduate with an undergraduate (BBA) degree and a postgraduate (JD) degree in five years, equipped for a variety of career options including community service, business, law enforcement, government service, education, media and beyond.
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Professional Accountancy Program (PACC)

PACC aims beyond grooming accountants to nurture creative, agile business leaders through a whole-person development approach. All students are eligible to sit for professional qualifying exams and students interested in international accounting practices and issues can apply for the Global Accounting stream or the new Global Tax and Governance stream.
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Hospitality and Real Estate (HRE)

HRE offers a Hospitality stream and a Real Estate stream to nurture leaders who can capture opportunities from the rising, and increasingly connected hospitality and real estate businesses. While the Real Estate stream focuses on planning, developing, and investing in the assets (e.g. buildings and properties), the Hospitality stream focuses on the service element — how to improve service quality, ensure customer satisfaction, and enhance organisational performance. Gain both managerial and investment perspectives through a curriculum that effectively balances theory and practice.
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Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis Program (IFAA)

IFAA provides comprehensive training in all aspects of actuarial science and insurance company management, including insurance operations, financial markets, portfolio management and derivatives securities, and gives you the knowledge and analytical skills necessary for a career in insurance, financial and actuarial science.
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Quantitative Finance Program (QFIN)

Our long-standing QFIN programme offers comprehensive courses in finance, economics, mathematics, statistics and information technology, through which you will gain a solid command of financial investment instruments and an edge in securing careers in investment, corporate and commercial banking, consulting, accounting and financial services.
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Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science (QFRM)

Jointly offered by the CUHK Business School and the Faculty of Science, this state-of-the-art programme in finance, risk management science, statistics and business combines the strengths of two well-established programmes to provide a solid foundation for finance careers or further studies, at the Master’s or PhD level, in economics, finance, actuarial science and insurance, mathematics, statistics, and risk management science.
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Interdisciplinary Major Program in Global Economics and Finance (GLEF)

GLEF nurtures global leaders through interdisciplinary training in economics and finance in a global context. The programme caters to industry demands by preparing graduates with strong research and analytical skills, as well as on-the-job experience and the requisite global mindset to overcome challenges in the banking and finance industry.
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