Promising Career

Recruiting Talent

While providing a wide spectrum of career services to our students, the Student Development and Career Planning Division of the School’s Undergraduate Office also works closely with recruiters to identify top-tier candidates matching their expectations. Some common types of employment include:


Some recruiters make use of internship opportunities to enlist candidates who fit their company culture and business needs. The Division is delighted to provide support on job posting, preliminary screening, interviewing, nomination and evaluation based on the individual needs of employers. Basically, our students are available for the following programmes:

Summer Internship
Summer internship allows student to take up employment between June and August.

Full-time Semester Internship
Students suspend their study working full-time for one or two semesters. This type of internship allows students a more intensive exposure to different career options.

Part-time Semester Internship
Students work on a part-time basis during the academic year, with no more than 18 hours per week (in compliance with the University’s guidelines). This allows students to work flexibly and enrich their exposure at the same time.

Graduate Placements

The graduates of CUHK Business School are employed in a diverse range of sectors. In 2018, the top three career fields for our graduates were banking/finance, accounting/auditing, administration/ management and sales/marketing. No matter what career path they pursue, our graduates are very competitive in the job market.

Specialisation of Graduates, Year 2018

Source: 2018 Employment Survey, by the Career Planning & Development Centre of the Office of Student Affairs

Apart from internships, the Division will provide support to employers wanting to hire our graduate talent. Some common programmes include:

Graduate Trainee Programme
Graduates will be available for placement for Graduate Trainee Programmes from early June to a suggested time frame of 1 year.

Graduate Placement Programme
Graduates will be able to obtain full-time position via this programme.
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