Promising Career

Industry Collaboration

Partnership Courses

Through close connection with industry partners, we are able to line up experts from different fields to conduct seminars and courses, which offer a chance for students to learn about the industries through an “insider’s view”.

The newly introduced “Citibank University Banking Course”* is a structured credit-bearing financial education program jointly organized by Citi and CUHK Business School. Delivered by senior bankers from Citi, the course provides students with insights into and essential skills required by the modern banking industry.

*offered in 2017
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The “IBM Global Business Services – Business Consulting Course”, a credit-bearing program co-organized by IBM and the School, is taught by members of IBM’s top management, providing undergraduate students a complete picture of the consulting industry and in-depth knowledge in trending topics such as Big Data and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).Read More

Industry Highlights

In addition to career workshops, the Undergraduate Office also arranges company networking events for students to learn more about specific industries. Industry practitioners share with students the “insider’s view” of different professions and the qualities required to succeed in the field.

Several Industry Highlights events, such as Management Consulting, Investment Banking, Accounting, Treasury, Marketing and Internet Business, have been held in the past.Read More

Company Visits

Company visits provide direct insights into how real businesses operate. The Undergraduate Office organizes visits to corporations such as Bloomberg, Cathay Pacific and Google.Read More