Global Immersion

Overseas Study Trips

CUHK Business School fosters global exposure, learning and connection. We organise several overseas study trips every year to promote such international outlook to our students.

Study trips are an experiential learning initiative to:

• Help students to get global exposure, gain better understanding of the global market, in particular of the economic, commercial and cultural environment
• Develop students’ cross-cultural perspective and prepare them to work in a diverse environment in terms of people and culture
• Provide students with the opportunity to extend their network and exchange thoughts with business people at the companies they visit
• Allow students to learn how to do business in some emerging markets and cities

Recent Overseas Study Trip:

Poland study trip in January 2018
Prague study trip in January 2017

A group of 19 business students travelled to Prague on a seven-day study tour organised by the A Undergraduate Office from January 2 to 8, 2017. The tour aims to let students learn about the impacts and opportunities brought by China’s One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) initiative in the European market, and to enrich students’ knowledge towards the business environment in a global setting. This study tour is sponsored by the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education, Home Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR Government.

Israel study trip in May 2016

A group of 20 CUHK undergraduate Business School students went on an eight-day study tour to Israel, from May 21 to 28, 2016. Held in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Hebrew University), the Hebrew University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programme study tour was the first study tour organised by the Undergraduate Office to Israel. With approximately 4,800 startup companies, venture capitalists and multinational corporations’ offices, Israel has been a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship over the past half century. The tour helped students learn about startup business in the global market and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.