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Social Responsibilities

In response to the great demand for business leaders with experience in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), CUHK Business School is devoted to nurturing our students’ entrepreneurial spirit while helping them to become more conscientious about and committed to fulfilling their social responsibilities. Our students are also trained to develop commercially sustainable business plans while taking the environment, community and stakeholders into account.

CUHK Business School organizes a CSR Exchange Scholarship Program, courses, competitions, and other activities, such as overseas service trips, to expose the students to the dilemma of maximizing financial returns or upholding social and environmental ethics. Some prominent activities are highlighted below:Read More

CSR Exchange Scholarship Program

Launched in 2013, the CUHK Business School CSR Exchange Scholarship Program encourages students to participate in CSR-related activities during their studies at their exchange destinations to gain in-depth knowledge and learn the latest issues and techniques of CSR.
Exchange students participating in the program are required to submit a research paper on CSR-related activities in their host country during the period of their exchange study. Students, who achieve certain grades with their final paper, will be granted a scholarship.Read More

Overseas Service Trip

CUHK Business School encourages students to serve the community by participating in volunteer service. We organized several overseas service trips in the past years to cultivate a sense of social responsibility among business students. Our service trips provide 1opportunity for participants to understand the needs of socially vulnerable groups from different parts of the world.Read More

Recent Overseas Service Trip:

Service Trip to Shaoguan in December 2015

A group of 19 CUHK business students joined a 5-day service trip to Shaoguan, Guangdong. Hosted by Shaoguan University, the trip served as a platform for students to learn about Lingnan Culture, to explore the natural wonder Mount Danxia and to experience volunteer teaching in a rural area. Participants are able to extend their network by exchanging thoughts with local students.Read More