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Professional Skill Training Workshops

A range of soft-skill workshops are available for students to participate in, including career-related workshops, dining etiquette, presentation skills and case analysis skills among others. Many business leaders are invited to share with our students their experiences and insights into their professions and industries.

Training workshops equip students with tools that prepare them for their future careers, including:
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Professional Image Building and Smart Grooming Workshop

Building confidence and competitiveness through appearance management is one of the key components of a successful interview. This workshop aims to sharpen students’ professional presence and improve their chances of success in summer job interviews and competitions.

Dining Etiquette Workshop

Appropriate attire when attending a formal business function is another key component of being a professional executive. This workshop aims to strengthen students’ dining etiquette.

Case Analysis Workshop

Solving a real business problem and formulating feasible recommendations for possible solutions is essential in case competitions. This workshop enhances students’ ability in quantitative thinking, case analysis and research approach.