Academic Journey

CUHK Business School was the first business school established in Hong Kong, also the first institution to offer BBA program in the region. You will find our commitment to develop Global Leaders in the Asian Century, our excellence in business education by a wide range of world-class undergraduate programs and a fulfilling campus life.

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Academic Excellence

Our internationalized curriculum equips with global mindsets and networks. Our graduates are with strong analytical, conceptual and practical skills necessary for success in a globalized business environment.Read More

Meet Our Students

We have an international mix of our student population. 70% of our students are from Hong Kong, 30% are coming from 20+ countries, including but not limited to China, Canada, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, South Korea, UK and USA.Read More

Infinite Possibilities

We connect students to real-world business experiences through our mentorship and internship programs. Our student development program complement the formal curricula, enabling whole person development.Read More

Global Immersion

Study abroad is an integral part of business education. Every 2 out of 3 business undergraduate students go on exchange every year. Apart from international exchange program, we organize study trips and summer programs to widen students’ infinite possibilities to explore the real world.Read More

Over 95% of our graduates complete an internship before their graduation. Most of them get returned offers before they graduate. Our students benefit from the strong mentors and alumni networks comprising eminent business leaders, entrepreneurs and senior executives in government, finance and various sectors. We also open the door to real-world business experiences through our mentorship and internship programs.Read More

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