About Us

The Quantitative Finance (QFIN) Programme took in its first batch of students in 1998 with the objective of training individuals wishing to pursue careers in financial industry.

Since then, the QFIN Programme responds to the market’s need for individuals with high-caliber quantitative and analytical skills in today’s globalized economy. The Programme positions students to better understand new developments in the financial industry with specially designed courses in finance, mathematics, statistics, and information technology. Practical courses such as Fund Management and Asset Allocation and Banking and Finance Practicum are also offered to provide a bridge between the classroom and the real world of banking and finance. A guest speaker series gives students ample opportunities to discuss current finance-related issues of interest with industry experts.

QFIN Programme graduates will be ideally suited for positions requiring strong quantitative skills for the purposes of valuation, portfolio analysis, asset allocation, credit analysis, risk modeling, capital budgeting, structured finance, etc. The Program also provides a good foundation for careers in investment banking, commercial and corporate banking, financial services, accounting and general management, or for pursuit of further advanced studies. There are about 832 alumni and 244 students in the Programme currently.