QFIN Alumni Scholarships

QFIN Alumni Scholarships

The Quantitative Finance Alumni Scholarships for Outstanding Student and Overseas Exchange are awards supporting Quantitative Finance students at CUHK Business School. The prestigious scholarships were established in 2010 by a group of generous alumni and other benefactors from the Business School, under the direction of Professor Dennis Fan. The purposes of these scholarships are to provide opportunities for exceptional individuals to pursue their studies in oversea universities and promote excellence and recognition in the program.

The awardees are chosen not only for their outstanding scholarly achievements, but for their character, commitment to others in the program and potential for leadership.

The Quantitative Finance Alumni Scholarships selection committee will be seeking young women and men of outstanding intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to service. Candidates for the scholarships are subjected to an extremely rigorous selection process. Shortlisted candidates are given a series of interviews by a selection committee chaired by alumni representatives. At present, one Outstanding Student and two Overseas Exchange scholarships are awarded each year.

Overseas Exchange Award 2016

“I am extraordinarily honored to receive the Quantitative Finance Alumni Outstanding Student Award. I truly thank the alumni for their generosity and the program office for its support all the way through. This award does not only mark a perfect end to my QFIN life, but also the beginning of a new adventure.

The QFIN program has made me a more all-rounded individual with an international mind, ready for the coming adventure in the real business world. Looking back at my QFIN life, I interned in banks, went to the WTO Headquarters for a student conference, studied in Oxford as a visiting student, took part in numerous competitions and lifted some trophies. All these eye-opening experiences, together with the hard knowledge taught in class, are now invaluable assets for me.

Had it not been for the QFIN program, my time at CUHK would not have been that fruitful and fulfilling. What I learnt in the QFIN program has prepared me well to take up different challenges I will face after my graduation. Get the most out of the QFIN program. Set your sights on a wider world, then you may become the next Outstanding Student.”
Sam Wong
2016 Graduate

Overseas Exchange Award 2015

“I believe everyone would agree that an exchange program in Europe wouldn’t be complete without travelling and enjoying the laid-back lifestyle. However, now when I recall my five-month stay in Europe, I am totally surprised how vividly the academic experience impacted me. Studying in a liberal arts college University College Utrecht in Netherlands, allowed me to take subjects that I have never imagined myself learning. The content wasn’t the only specialty of a liberal arts college, but how the lecturers stimulate students’ interest as well as contribution in class pinpoints the true value of such a college. Hence, I wholeheartedly encourage outgoing exchange students to embrace different learning and ethnic cultures during your exchange sessions. Have a fruitful experience!” Teng Wai Li
Year 3 Student

“I had a really good time during my exchange program at the University of Pennsylvania. Overall the experience was amazing, be it inside or outside of the classroom.

On the one hand, the learning experience at UPenn was truly eye-opening to me. An Ivy League school and housing one of the best business schools in the world, UPenn is known for its academic excellence. The students there take whatever they do very seriously and always strive to give their best. It was simply incredible to work with and interact with these people. It is the best motivation you can ever have to push yourself further to achieve more.

On the other hand, Philadelphia is a very charming city to live in. it is where the Americans declared independence in 1776, literally where United States of America started. Due to the city’s historical significance, everywhere in Philadelphia is like a history lesson by itself and provokes a lot of thoughts about democracy. It is also very close to New York and Washington D.C., two other very important cities of US.

The Overseas Exchange Award has definitely supported me to make my experience in The States a lot more complete. I was able to purchase some very insightful learning materials and visit some important sites thanks to the support from the generous donors. I would like to take this chance to express my gratitude to the donors, whose generosity has made my exchange journey a lot more fruitful and unforgettable.”
David Ho
Year 3 Student