Alumni Association & Successful Stories

Alumni Association & Successful Stories

Since 2001, the QFIN Program has successfully launched our students’ careers in investment, private, corporate and commercial baking, consulting, accounting, private equity, venture capital and hedge fund management as well as financial services in other major business corporations.

Quantitative Finance Alumni Association (QFAA)

The Quantitative Finance Alumni Association (QFAA) aims to:

• maintain and nurture a close relationship among QFIN alumni; and
• develop alumni networks in the business world.

Seminars and job referral programs are examples of the activities organized. All serve to help alumni and current students keep abreast of the latest financial market developments. These activities are also complemented by social gatherings designed to foster and promote alumni relations. Read More

“Nothing is more important than "Buy Low Sell High" from the investment context. What makes Warrant Buffet successful is nothing more than always get prepared, buying when fear and selling when euphoria. Choosing QFIN is one of my best decisions I ever made. I was so luckily to admit QFIN in the midst of Asian Financial Crisis. During that period, the ubiquitous despair wrecked hoc the prospect of financial industry. In the three-year undergraduate study, QFIN gave me a wide spectrum of sound knowledge in the financial industry. Apart from the academic aspects, I was so honored to be elected as the first chairperson of Society of Quantitative Finance (QFiS). I gained invaluable experience on leadership and management skills through the chairmanship.

Now, QFIN has emerged as one of prominent program and quite a number of institutions also offer similar programs too. However, being an alumnus, I truly believe that QFIN is your one and only one choice. Ups and downs is inevitable. Get prepared, embrace the challenges and adopt the changes. Good luck!”
Karen Cheung
2001 Graduate
AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited, Hong Kong

“As a typical student, I always hoped to maximize my exposure in the four years of undergraduate studies – I wanted to enjoy the scenic campus, enrich my global experience, hone my professional skills in finance, all in one go. When I look back, I see that the supported flexibility of the Quantitative Finance Program accelerated me to accomplish this mission impossible.

Here the program enables students to tailor-make their study paths with large flexibility in terms of timelines and courses, while providing strong a supporting network consisting of the department, alumni and students to be your go-to persons for advice.

Take myself as a precedent. As a freshman, I joined the Society of Quantitative Finance and college hostels to enjoy the campus, besides leveraging the Quantitative Finance mentorship program to get orientation from our supportive alumni. Subsequently, I structured my study program to accommodate an overseas exchange to the University of Toronto in Canada and also participated in business case competitions. After that, I gained early exposure to the financial industry through several internships with the government, global investment banks and private equity funds, where I experienced diverse cultures ranging from the Hong Kong government through Chinese, Japanese, American, European and Middle Eastern corporations. Throughout the internships, I realized my interest in corporate finance and thus slightly tailored my study program towards that end. The dual track of the Quantitative Finance program and the internships essentially expedited my growth.

Eventually, the solid training in Quantitative Finance also opened the door for me to pursue my master’s degree at the University of Cambridge. In essence, my undergraduate studies have been a mosaic of campus life, student society, overseas exchange, case competitions and internships. It is the supported flexibility of the Quantitative Finance Program that connects all these together and leads to where I am now.”
Cason Chan
2016 Graduate