Other Highlights

Finance Trading Laboratory

Practical training courses on trading are offered as part of the Program. In addition to the in-house expertise found at our Business School, a number of firms and associations provide their support and expert practitioner advice and training to our students in these courses. The Trading Laboratory, with 53 desks, is among the best of its kind in the world on a university campus.

The Laboratory is equipped with Bloomberg terminals and is supported by unparalleled real time data feeds from major exchanges around the world including the New York Stock Exchange, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Eurex, one of the world’s leading derivatives exchanges.

Trading Laboratory and Practicum

Song Shiyu
QFRM Year 4 Student

Through the CUHK Finance Department, QFIN students have access to a world class financial trading laboratory, where Bloomberg, Reuters and many other databases are available. I benefited a lot form using this trading laboratory: the up-to-date research reports provided me with different perspectives of the financial world; real-time data feed allowed me to be connected with the global markets; the news, chart and graph functions from Bloomberg also saved my time for analysis. Equipped with such powerful tools, students are more efficient when participating in trading or case competitions
Kingsley Jin
2016 Graduate

QFIN programs offer banking and finance practicum course, which is designed for senior QFN students to apply our skills on real financial jobs. I had a great experience of taking this course under the co-organisation of QFIN Program Office and an external financial institution in my last semester at college. The course was well structured, blending extensive mentoring with fantastic learning.

Over the course, we were divided into small teams, assigned to stocks that were not widely covered by big banks, and were required to write an initiation stock coverage report. Under the financial institution analysts' instructions and the guidance from the lecturers, we learned to research and analyse the stock from an equity research analyst's perspective and we further improved our financial modelling skills by completing an operating model for the company we covered. Our QFIN department and the financial institution provided great support during the process and we also benefited from their comments on our final presentations at the end of the course. This course offered access to financial professional work for our students and further demonstrated QFIN's strong career service.
Charlie Liu
Year 5 Student

The real world of finance is very much different from what we learn from books, and that’s why practical experience is so critical in this industry. I am very grateful that as a QFIN student, I had the privilege to take the Banking and Finance Practicum course, which provided me with priceless real-life exposures to the equity research industry.

Though being part of the curriculum offered by QFIN, the practicum course is actually more like an “apprenticeship” or “internship” than a typical “course”. Instead of attending lectures, we communicate face-to-face with industry experts and equity research analysts from the external financial institution; instead of doing homework and taking exams, we present our original equity ideas and research reports in front of senior managers of the research department – and they challenge you just like you are a real analyst! The challenging but exciting course not only equipped us with the technical skills essential to succeed in this highly demanding industry, but also gave us precious insights into how research analysts really work in the “mysterious” investment banks. It was definitely a memorable experience, and I would definitely recommend any young talent interested in the finance industry to apply for the QFIN program for the countless academic and career resources it provides especially the practicum courses.