About QFIN

Programme Features

The Quantitative Finance (QFIN) Programme offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the mainstream subjects of business and quantitative methods. Students are encouraged to undertake internships at major financial institutions, and take three practical courses – “Fund Management and Asset Allocation”, “Technical Analysis: Theory and Practice” and “Banking and Finance Practicum” as a bridge between the classroom and the real world. The Program also organizes a guest speaker series to provide students with the opportunity to discuss current financial issues with industry experts.

Students usually take most of the required courses in their early years of study and the elective courses thereafter. Students are also offered the flexibility to minor in other areas, such as mathematics, statistics and economics.


(1) Major Programme Requirements (72 – 73 units):

a. Faculty Package (9 units)
• Accounting, Decision Sciences & Managerial Economics

b. Faculty Co-curricular Courses (3 units)
• Global Experiential Learning Experience & Business Lecture Series

c. Required Courses (27 – 28 units)
• Finance, Computer Science, Decision Sciences & Managerial Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics

d. Elective Courses (33 units)
• Quantitative Methods
• Business
• Core/ Capstone / Research

(2) University Core Requirements (39 units)

Study Scheme:
Applicable to students admitted in 2021/22
Applicable to students admitted in 2020/21
Applicable to students admitted in 2019/20
Applicable to students admitted in 2018/19
Applicable to students admitted in 2017/18
Applicable to students admitted in 2016/17

Course Exemption:
- Previous Record of Course Exemption for Students through Overseas Exchange Program