Beyond Curriculum

Extra-Curricular Activities

Besides exchange programs, QFIN students are also actively engaged in voluntary service, joint-university conferences and international competitions to broaden their horizons. Networking with students and industry professionals and competing with global top-tier universities, our students are well equipped to enter a wide range of roles in finance and beyond. Read More

“It was really a fantastic experience for us to take part in The Asia Private Equity Institute Leveraged Buyout Case Competition 2015. In the first round we were required to conduct a strategic review of Best Buy Co. and recommend a potential leverage buyout alternative for the company.

Without any knowledge about what an LBO is like, we read a lot of relevant books and also sought help from senior students and professors. We had a hard time during those days and spent all our time after class in the Finance Trading Laboratory in CYT. However, after we worked all night and successfully built a model for DCF valuation and the IRR calculation in different scenarios, we were nearly burst into tears of joy when we learned that all our strenuous efforts were worthwhile.

We were lucky enough to be selected to attend the Finale in Singapore. The task was to design an MBO deal for a Singapore company. Later, we were invited to Singapore Bloomberg office where we could access to data we wanted and discussed our project with mentors to be better prepared for the final presentation and report. The most exciting moment was of course the last day when we presented on participated in after the panel discussion of the Singapore Private Equity Conference. Many elite professionals in the private equity industry were there. It was not only a good chance to listen to their comments and suggestions on our work but also a golden opportunity to learn more about the present situation of the industry in Singapore.”
Cassandra Li and Sirius Wang
Year 4 Student
Finalist, Asia Private Equity Institute Leveraged Buyout Case Competition (APEI LBOCC) 2015

“I was very pleased to be one of the representatives of CUHK joining this meaningful programme. In the programme, I paid visits to government bodies and financial regulators in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Through this, I got a better understanding of the differences in market operation and regulatory standards in these two places. I had the chance to spend five weeks working in a Chinese enterprise. This was a fresh experience for me since the working culture in Chinese enterprises is quite different from those in Hong Kong. In Chinese enterprises, the importance of seniority is significant and highlighted while local companies put more emphasis on the interaction among different levels of the company. And most importantly, in this tour, I made friends with students from other universities. Exchanging ideas with them was inspiring and made the tour very enjoyable.” Candy Ng
Year 2 Student
Participant, Cross-border Study Tour for Post-secondary Financial Talents 2016

“It was really my pleasure to be part of CUHK case competition team this year, participating in Global Business Case. The experience of competing in the Global Competition helped me to win the Peak Time, another international business case competition.

The final round of Peak Time was held in Riga, Latvia, which provided me a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit this old-style city. The competition itself was exceptionally challenging and demanding. Not only did we do two case studies and presentations in four hours each, we also competed with other teams in a business simulation, in which we had to analyse data and make decisions every hour using the CESIM platform. It was the first time for me to do a short case like that. However we were able to manage the time well, and presented a sound business plan which was well appreciated by the judges.

Joining case competitions not only gives you the opportunity to put the knowledge learnt in school into practice; it also enhances your problem solving, team working and presentation skills. Most importantly, you also learn about different companies and industries through doing case competitions as every case is different.”
Renee Leung
Year 4 Student
Champion, Peak Time 2016

“Joining a case competition is one of the best ways to put theories into practice and strengthen analytical skills. I joined the Global Business Case Competition held in Seattle and our team competed with schools from 11 other countries. The Competition started with 3-day networking activities. We were required participants to deliver a comprehensive business consulting solution for the global expansion of a solar panel manufacturer based in U.S. in 48 hours. Our team finally took home the championship.

The competition has made me realize how to deliver an appealing and convincing story in a 20-minute presentation after conducting in-depth research and analysis in 48 hours. Watching the presentation of other teams and post-competition discussion revealed a wider variety of analyzing techniques. But most importantly, I further broadened my global network and gained career and life aspirations from the elites of other countries.”
Bill Wu
2016 Graduate
Champion, Global Business Case Competition (GBCC) 2015