Beyond Curriculum

Internship & Career Development

The QFIN Program offers individual and group career coaching, training and advice. A number of career training workshops covering all aspects of the job hunting process will be held in the first semester and early in the second semester. These will equip students with a complete set of skills and techniques, from identification of leads, to CV writing, interviewing and job hunting strategies. There will also be practical coaching and drilling such as mock interviews, sharing sessions with the alumni and industry professionals, mentorship and buddy programs and so on.

Students are strongly encouraged to take part in these career activities early on in their studies to gain a clear picture and good understanding of the expectations and challenges of finding a job or an internship.

Through the internship program, participating companies provide full-time on-the-job training to students through their normal operating activities. Participating students may take leaves of absence for one or more semesters to enroll in this program. Internships provide valuable opportunities for students to gain exposure to the professional environment over and above that offered through class and related activities. Internships can take place in Hong Kong or overseas, greatly enhancing the quality of education provided by CUHK and improving students’ competitiveness in the job market.

• QFIN students who graduated in 2015-16 on average completed 3 internships prior to graduation
• Over 90% have done at least one internship in a finance-related institution
• Many have done internships overseas, including Shenzhen, Beijing, Qingdao and Shanghai in the Mainland, as well as Taipei, Tokyo, Singapore, New York, London and Frankfurt

The QFIN Program has established a strong network with the industry both locally and internationally. The positive experience of taking on QFIN interns has made companies more willing to make return offers to our students upon graduation.

Internship Sharing

“I love the QFIN family, and its support has accompanied me during my whole university life. Through the program, I had valuable chances to get to know people from diverse fields within the financial industry, and the chances of heading into the real financial world is what makes me proud of myself being a member of QFIN. Over the past four years, it is amazing that there have been so many great internship opportunities introduced by the program, and career guidance provided by the department and university career centre. Thanks to these valuable chances, I was able to have numerous internship exposures in the fields and companies that attracted me a lot, including Symmetry Investments, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Guotai Asset Management, Morgan Stanley (Sales &Trading), CICC (HK) Proprietary Trading Desk and Manulife Asset Management. The program helped my dream to be a successful student with broad financial vision comes true, I am proud to be a member of the QFIN family. Joining it was one of the most meaningful decisions I have made.” “Dora Gu
Year 5 Student”

“As a summer analyst for trading in HSBC Global Markets, I had the chance to work on the trading floor, and witnessed the impacts of the EU Referendum first hand. I was placed into the rates trading team, and had the unique opportunity to price swaps, which also included communication with a vast number of sales and traders.

The most memorable aspect of this internship was not just the work, but the people which I came across, which included a number of QFN seniors and alumni. Not only did they help me settle in, they also shared their experiences and valuable advice with me. It was definitely a testament to the reach and influence of the QFN family, of which I am a proud member!”
“Ga Hou Cheun
Year 3 Student
HSBC Global Markets”

“My summer internship at Bloomberg L.P. was an insightful and remarkable experience. Working in the research arm of the company, Bloomberg Intelligence, my job duties were to generate research ideas and thematic trends through analysis of company filings and announcements, while delving deep into the financial data in order to evaluate the current and future prospects of a certain corporation or industry. I also had the opportunity to directly communicate with investors and managers at investor meetings, understanding the real world interactions and the response of the market to each event.

The Bloomberg culture is the biggest reason which made this entire experience so fulfilling and enjoyable. In an environment that actively encouraged frequent communication, in a team that focused on getting things done, I became, during my 10 weeks internship, a completely different person. The diversity and exposure was more than excellent, and I am extremely grateful to this internship program.”
“Andrew Chow
Year 3 Student
Bloomberg L.P.”

“My internship experience in New York was very fruitful both during work and after work hours. During office hours, I requested quotes and bound policies online. As our business was involved with insurance brokerage, I communicated with wholesalers and customers every day. It was interesting and exciting to talk to people from different backgrounds. By working with clients and colleagues, I felt the enthusiasm of the American culture and their vibrant working atmosphere. After work, it was awesome as well. I explored almost every corner of New York City with my friends during the two-month internship period. We travelled around The United States too. I spent a wonderful time in New York City and the experience has made me into a more open-minded individual.” “Aria Sun
Year 4 Student
Djam Insurance Brokerage Inc.,
New York”