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The Society of Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis (SIFA)

The Society of Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis (SIFA) was established in March 2003 and is the official organization that represents all students in the IFAA program. It aims to unite IFAA students and promote their welfare. It helps to build up the professional image of our students and to foster stronger relations among them. SIFA is also keen to increase publicity of the IFAA Program both internally and externally. In order to develop well-rounded graduates, various activities including departmental gatherings, graduation dinners, career talks, sports competitions, firm visits, and study tours are organized, all with the aim of inculcating students with a broader array of business and communication skills. Another function of SIFA is to act as a bridge between the department and students, so that opinions and comments can flow freely between them.

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CHAN, Ka Wai Luke

Internal Vice-President

MAN, Wing Tin Vienna

External Vice-President

CHICK, Mai Sum Annabelle

General Secretary

CHEUNG, Hin Chai Rex

Financial Secretary

TSOI, Chun Chak Michael

Recreation Officer

CHAN, Ka Man Miko

Academic Officer

LEUNG, Wun Long Jimmy

Publication Officer

WONG, Wing Yan Wendy

Promotion Officer

Lai Chun Ming, Mickey

Marketing Officer

Ho, Hin Hang Henry