Beyond Curriculum

Student Sharing

“I have always wanted to live in a place outside of Hong Kong, and my exchange journey in Rotterdam has given me a marvellous opportunity to immerse myself into a different culture. There are millions of advantages of going on exchange, for instance, to experience a new learning environment, to step out of your comfort zone, to meet people from all over the world and most importantly to travel.

I have met a lot of friends from many countries, and it is amazing to see that even all of us are from different backgrounds, everyone is willing to share their experience and to appreciate others. We went to classes together, went to picnic, attended local festivals and explored Europe together, making my journey a fruitful and precious one!

Other than that, I have deepened my understanding of who I am. Away from home, this was a time for me to organize myself and make my own decision. This required a lot of courage, self-management and self-understanding, in which I have improved throughout the 6 months.

Exchange is an invaluable experience and I wish I can be there one more time!”

- Michelle Kuan, Exchange Student in Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2017

“Being immersed in a city where English is not commonly known, there were certainly times I felt helpless and lost. But more importantly it prompted me to step out of my comfort zone and take the initiation to ask for help and practice my French communication skills, which can hardly be achieved in Hong Kong.

The most memorable experience during my exchange was to participate in the Language Tandem Programme organized by the school. I was grouped with another Chinese student and a local French student. We met up weekly, taught each other our own native language, and tried using them for cultural exchange. Through these sessions, we talked about our lifestyles and views towards different aspects of life, including religion and marriage. This precious opportunity not only enhanced my language skills, but also enabled me to have a deeper insight of the values of people across the continents.

The five months studying abroad in France has no doubt been an intellectually-rewarding experience which will benefit me a whole lifetime.”

- Sharon Tang, Exchange Student in Institut Mines-Telecom Business School in 2017