Beyond Curriculum


The exchange program is one of the most popular programs available to CUHK Business School students. It aims to provide students with international insights developed via connections with well-known overseas universities. Through such exchange, students learn about different cultures, the communication skills necessary for the global market and, more importantly, a variety of unique business practices.

As undergraduates of the CUHK Business School, IFAA students enjoy many opportunities for exchange. Each year, more than 500 exchange places were offered by the Business School, the University, and its nine colleges. Students can go on exchange for one term or, in some cases, for one year. They can enroll in courses at their host universities and transfer the credits gained to CUHK. Students usually need not extend their study period beyond one term. The University and the Business School provide scholarships to help students with their financial needs during the exchange period.

IFAA students have shown great enthusiasm at the international exposure offered during summer breaks. In the past, students have been sent on summer exchange to a number of renowned universities including Harvard, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Toronto, and Queen’s University.

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