About Integrated BBA

Background of Integrated BBA Program

The Integrated BBA (IBBA) Program provides its students with comprehensive exposure to all aspects of business education. The students are nurtured to become business leaders who are capable of keeping abreast of the fast-changing and globalized business world, and constantly performing the best practices leading to excellence. They may also be benefited from their strong mentors and alumni network comprising renowned business leaders, prominent elites in the community, entrepreneurs and senior executives in government, finance and various sectors.


Integrated BBA Program

Integrated BBA Program provides students with comprehensive exposure to all aspects of business administration, which enables our graduates to succeed in a wide range of career choices. Integrated BBA is distinctive in that it equips students with both broad-based knowledge and expertise in specific professions.


Students will take a series of business foundation courses in first two years of study. This foundation study forms a basis for students to decide their concentration areas. From Year 3 onwards, students enroll in courses based on the requirements of chosen concentration in ten distinct areas and could consider double concentrations, depending their interests and ambitions. They can also opt for double degrees or double majors.


Integrated BBA students will be offered many Out-of-Class learning opportunities to enhance their soft-skills and leadership skills.


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