Our mission is to become the top Asian school to develop leaders for the hospitality, tourism and real estate industries by delivering excellence in strategic business education with a hospitality focus.

Message from Programme Director

The hospitality industry refers to a cluster of interrelated, dynamic sectors including hotels, resorts, theme parks, travel agents, tour operators, airlines, cruises, restaurants, conventions and exhibitions, festivals, clubs -- the list goes on and extends to any business aiming to offer friendly services for travelers away from home. The hospitality industry is where you see abundant entrepreneurial opportunities and learn the best service practices. The hospitality industry is where you bring happiness to and create unforgettable memories for people. It is where you learn to stay humble and curious, learn to understand, tolerate, and appreciate. Hospitality is not just a business, it is a spirit, an attitude with which we hope to create a better world.

The hospitality and real estate industries are connected in many ways. Imagine you accomplish the task of finding a piece of land, constructing a beautiful hotel, adding wonderful facilities, designing a unique brand, and all pieces eventually fall into place to transform the building, the landscape, the services into the best experience for your guests. To learn how to make that happen, we offer you a comprehensive business program integrating hospitality and real estate. At the heart of this connection is the beauty of creating best services and best experiences.

It is always our objective not just to deliver knowledge and skills but also to nurture the hospitality spirit in our students. Join us if you also believe in the power of hospitality, kindness, hard work, and happiness!

Ms. Gentiana Cheung
Programme Director, BBA in Hospitality and Real Estate