Message from Programme Director

The hospitality industry refers to a cluster of interrelated, dynamic sectors including hotels, resorts, theme parks, travel agents, tour operators, airlines, cruises, restaurants, conventions and exhibitions, festivals, clubs -- the list goes on and extends to any business aiming to offer friendly services for travelers away from home. The hospitality industry is where you see abundant entrepreneurial opportunities and learn the best service practices. The hospitality industry is where you bring happiness to and create unforgettable memories for people. It is where you learn to stay humble and curious, learn to understand, tolerate, and appreciate. Hospitality is not just a business, it is a spirit, an attitude with which we hope to create a better world.

The hospitality and real estate industries are connected in many ways. Imagine you accomplish the task of finding a piece of land, constructing a beautiful hotel, adding wonderful facilities, designing a unique brand, and all pieces eventually fall into place to transform the building, the landscape, the services into the best experience for your guests. To learn how to make that happen, we offer you a comprehensive business program integrating hospitality and real estate. At the heart of this connection is the beauty of creating best services and best experiences.

It is always our objective not just to deliver knowledge and skills but also to nurture the hospitality spirit in our students. Join us if you also believe in the power of hospitality, kindness, hard work, and happiness!

Ms. Gentiana Cheung
Programme Director, BBA in Hospitality and Real Estate

Student and Alumni Stories

“The courses provided by HTMG helped me gain knowledge of the hotel industry, which will benefit my future career path. For example, in “Management of Lodging Facilities,” we were given the opportunity to work in both back-of-house (e.g., Human Resources) and front-of-house (e.g. Front Desk) departments in the Sha Tin, Hyatt Regency, Hong Kong, our teaching hotel. In “Food and Beverage Management,” we were taught by experienced professors and a professional chef about the service sequence, and how to make delicate Western dishes. Our class also held a fine-dining event together! It was challenging because we had to run a real business and host visiting guests. In the end, we managed it well and it gave me a great sense of satisfaction. These hands-on and interesting HTMG courses have equipped me with both soft and hard skills, which I can fully leverage when I begin working in the industry in the near future.” Daniel Hui, class of 2015

“The university provides fertile ground for passionate students to pursue their goals, and more importantly, nurtures community spirit and life skills to produce future leaders. Student activities are precious aspects of my university life. Eta Sigma Delta (ESD) recognizes students with outstanding academic achievements. As the President, my life with ESD extends far beyond academic endeavors. The various inspiring learning opportunities, like volunteering in global conferences, conducting school tours, co-organizing a corporate social responsibility program with The Peninsula Hong Kong, and taking part in community service have broadened the life experiences of every member. Through organizing the activities, I have learnt how to work with people effectively and keep an independent mindset. The incredible memories stem from the decision to put attitudes to learning and the spirit of hospitality into practice. I wish all the new family members of SHTM a fruitful university life, filled with passion and amazing friendships!” Yani Yu, President of Eta Sigma Delta, CUHK Chapter 2014; Class of 2015

“I was the president of the Society of Hotel and Tourism Management, CUHK (SoHo), throughout the year. From a team management perspective, this involved general day-to-day coordination, leading inter-society arrangements, and finding the right approaches with different teammates. My rewarding experiences have enabled me to work and communicate more efficiently with people in various situations, contributing to more sustainable success in teams. These advantages will help me accomplish more in different roles later in my career.” Ken Lau, Soho President; Class of 2017

“In my three-month internship at the Peninsula Shanghai, I served as a trainee in the Food and Beverage Division. It was a very comprehensive program, and I was able to follow directors of the division and managers of various outlets to assist with operations. Along with the administrative and managerial tasks, I was also assigned to work in the fine-dining restaurant in the hotel, Sir Elly’s Restaurant and Terrace. Here I experienced front-line operations, and learned many important principles in food and wine pairing, and was exposed to service quality of the highest standard. This internship was a truly amazing experience, which will prepare me well for my future career.” Henry Mak, trainee of Peninsula Shanghai, 2014; Class of 2015

“I worked at the Four Seasons Hotel and the Langham Place Hotel as an internship trainee. The hotels encourage job rotation, which allows us to learn as much as we can during the training period. I was not only given the chance to serve guests, but also an opportunity to perform the role of a supervisor and work on administrative duties. It gave me great pleasure to gain trust from the hotels, and this made me more confident and passionate about my job. Working in a hotel is always fun as you become part of a big team, benefit from experienced leaders, and meet people from all walks of life. The two internship experiences are the aspects of my tertiary education I treasure the most, and I have built valuable relationships with all of my coworkers!” Fiona Law, trainee of Four Seasons Hotel 2013; Trainee of Langham Place Hotel 2014; Class of 2015

“Being given the chance to go on to a semester-exchange program to Pennsylvania State University (PSU) was like a dream come true for me, as I have always wanted to visit the US. At PSU, I studied different subjects under the Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management Department, and I found their way of learning very different from what I experienced in Hong Kong. The interaction between students and professors is a lot more casual and friendly, while the scoring system encourages us to study proactively, not just use the lecture materials. I have also made new friends from Sweden, New Zealand, Britain, and Brazil, and we still keep in contact. Staying away from my hometown and my family enabled me to be more independent and responsible. I tried a lot of ‘firsts’ during my exchange experience, like flying by myself, travelling to New York and Washington alone, fully managing my own budget, and a lot more. I do believe that I am better prepared for unknown and unexpected challenges in the future.”  Jessica Chan, exchange student in Pennsylvania State University 2013; Class of 2015

“Participating in the Global Hospitality Management Program, I studied aboard at hotel schools in the Netherlands and the United States, each for one semester. Through guest lectures, hotel visits, and projects, I understood how the hotel business differs in Asia, Europe, and the US. It was memorable to brainstorm an innovative idea for a hotel development project in a town with local students. Another study experience worth mentioning was visiting the Hilton Worldwide Headquarters in the US, where the Hilton management team shared their professional experiences and insights into the hospitality industry. This exchange experience allowed me to immerse myself in different cultures and paces of life. Bikes became my best method of commuting between campus and town in the Netherlands. In the States, we mostly travelled by buses, and journeys between two cities could take up to five hours. These exchange programs enabled me to experience a vibrant university life and have adventures on different continents, where I found knowledge, happiness, and friendship.”  Sherman Ho, participant of Global Hospitality Management Program; Class of 2015

“As an international student studying Hospitality and Tourism Management at CUHK, I have learned and experienced so much throughout my three years of university life. The Global Hospitality Management Program (GHMP) of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management is the reason I chose to study at CUHK, and I was fortunate enough to actually take part in this special exchange program. I was given the opportunity to not only study at two of the most prestigious hotel schools in the world, but also to experience living and traveling in both Europe and the United States. Through this life-changing experience, I achieved both academic and personal growth. Coming to Hong Kong and pursuing this major was definitely the right choice for me.” Rina Lee, Korean Student; Class of 2017

“I graduated from SHTM in 2010. SHTM instilled in me professional knowledge of the hospitality industries, and also gave me invaluable internship experience through working in leading international corporations, namely the Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong, and Walt Disney World in Orlando, USA. Currently, I am working at the Jakarta office of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to promote Hong Kong as an international trading platform, which involves frequent communication with the local government and trade associations. The comprehensive training I gained from SHTM has allowed me to contribute effectively to my company in a highly international working environment.” Mattie Cheung, Assistant Manager of HKTDC; Class of 2010

“Studying in SHTM is not just about attending lectures and learning from textbooks. Exposure to the industry and experiencing the real “hospitality world” is what I found more valuable and memorable after graduation. I still remember the Distinguished Guest Speaker series, which was the course I looked forward to most. We got to meet with and talk to industry leaders, who shared their stories and experience, and gave us advice. My internship at Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando was absolutely one of the best SHTM has to offer. I experienced and enjoyed this world-class leisure destination as both a guest and a service provider, interacted with people from all over the world, and more importantly, got to understand what hospitality and creativity is all about. ”  Michelle Song, Project Director of Horwath; Class of 2007

“Not to sell it too hard, but without the School, it would not have been possible for me to progress my career at such a speed. The networking opportunities that the School provides are something students from other schools can only dream of. Every week or so, the school invites senior management – CEOs, GMs, VPs – from different companies in the industry to give lectures on real-life issues. I cannot express how much I learned from them; but of even more benefit is that I was granted the unique opportunity through these lectures to meet hundreds of senior managers. This acted very much in my favor when I was about to graduate: great jobs just presented themselves to me! Well, of course you need to work hard and do things right, but if you do, this School and this industry are never short of opportunities for high-fliers. I couldn’t imagine where I would be now without the School. Thank you, HTMG.” Sherman Luk, GM-Asia Pacific of HKExpress; Class of 2005

“The courses taught in the HTMG provided a solid foundation for the building and
development of my career. The program was designed so students have the opportunity to acquire well-rounded knowledge, so we are all well prepared for the
multidimensional hospitability industry. As an associate director of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, I am still applying what I learnt in the HTMG on a day-to-day basis. I
found the courses related to marketing and human resources particularly relevant tomy current role. The courses taught are both theoretical and practical, and this is
particularly important for an industry with a strong operational focus. The experience in HTMG was truly rewarding, and it prompted me to return and study at CUHK again as an EMBA student.”
Selina Pang, Director of Event Sales of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong; Class of 2005

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