Programme Structure and Options

The BBA-JD Double Degree Programme consists of 172 units.

• 52 units of BBA Major courses;
• 39 units of University core courses;
• 18 units of undergraduate law (LLB) courses;
• 63 units of JD courses.

The Programme adopts a rigorous and flexible approach that gives students the following study options according to their interests and needs.

Attainment of TWO degrees in 5 years – BBA & JD

This is a through-train programme that allows students to graduate with two degrees – an undergraduate (BBA) and a postgraduate (JD) in 5 years.

Exit option

Students will have the flexibility of choosing to opt out of the Double Degree Programme and complete their studies in 4 years with

• a BBA degree, or
• a BBA degree with a Minor in Law
Both subject to fulfilling requirements specified in the relevant study scheme.