About BBA-JD

Programme Overview

About the BBA-JD Double Degree Programme

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme) and Juris Doctor Double Degree Programme (BBA-JD) is an elite programme offered by CUHK Business School and CUHK Faculty of Law. The Programme being the first of its kind in Asia, is a 5-year through-train full-time programme designed for students seeking cross-disciplinary knowledge with parallel concentration on legal and business studies. It features a unique combination of business and law courses, allowing students to acquire knowledge and practical skills in these two complimentary disciplines. On completing the Programme, students will graduate with an undergraduate (BBA) degree and a postgraduate (JD) degree. Graduates with these double-degree credentials will be well-equipped to assume leadership roles in business and various sectors including the government, community service, law enforcement, education and media.

Programme Features

• A new option in addition to the usual LLB, JD and other double degree options;
• It enables students to graduate with an undergraduate (BBA) and a postgraduate (JD) degree in 5 years, as opposed to the usual 6 years when the two programmes are taken separately;
• It provides flexibility for students to opt out from the programme and graduate with either a BBA degree, or BBA degree with a Minor in Law in 4 years;
• It enriches graduates with a wide range of career prospects across such as business and finance, law and law enforcement, government and community service.