Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the difference between the BBA-JD Double Degree Programme and the BBA Programme and JD Programme taken separately?

Students taking the BBA-JD Double Degree Programme can obtain both degrees (a Bachelor's degree and a Master’s degree) in five years of study, as opposed to the usual six years (four years for BBA and two years for the JD degree). In addition the cost for completing the BBA-JD Double Degree Programme is lower when compared to complete the BBA and the JD programme separately.

2. What types of students are suitable for the BBA-JD Double Degree Programme?

The BBA-JD Double Degree Programme is suitable for dynamic and highly-motivated students who are interested in acquiring knowledge and skills in both the disciplines of business and law. Students who aspire to gain cross‐disciplinary skills to handle a multitude of problems at the intersection of business and law, benefit from two professional networks, and double-edged career prospects are encouraged to apply.

3. How many students will be recruited each year?

The programme will recruit up to 25 students a year.

4. What are the admission criteria?

Primarily applicants will be considered on academic merit. Applicants must satisfy the minimum programme requirements for admission to the BBA-JD Double Degree Programme in addition to the University’s general entrance requirement for undergraduate admissions.

5. I am a JUPAS applicant, can I apply for admission to the BBA-JD Double Degree Programme with combined HKDSE results in more than one sitting?

Yes. For 2021 entry, the best result in the same subject taken by a candidate in his/her three most recent attempts of the HKDSE examination will be used for calculation of the admission score. Admission scores of applicants seeking admission on the strength of results from more than one sitting of the HKDSE examination will be adjusted.

Please refer to the following webpages of the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid for details:
Frequently asked questions
Arrangement for JUPAS applicants with more than one sitting of HKDSE

6. Is there any language requirement for admission to the BBA-JD Double Degree Programme?

Strong English language proficiency is core to the study of business and law. A Level 5 or above in English Language attainted from the HKDSE is normally expected.

All JUPAS applicants must also satisfy the minimum requirement of the HKDSE Chinese Language to be considered.

7. I am a HKDSE applicant, can I use other English tests (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL) to fulfil the English requirement?

No. Only HKDSE English Language subject will be considered for JUPAS applicants.

8. Will there be any admission interview?

Yes. All/shortlisted applicants will be invited to a selection interview by a joint panel comprises of members from CUHK Business School and the Faculty of Law.

9. Can I study the BBA-JD Double Degree Programme in part-time mode?

No. All students admitted to the BBA-JD Double Degree Programme will be on full-time study schedule.

10. I am a current CUHK student, does the BBA-JD Double Degree Programme accept transfer applications from other faculties/departments/programmes at CUHK?

No. The programme does not accept major transfer applications from current CUHK students studying in other programmes due to the programme curriculum design.

Prospects & Recognitions

1. What qualifications will I obtain on graduation?

On fulfilling the BBA-JD Double Degree Programme requirements and the University’s graduation requirements, students will graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration (undergraduate degree) and a Juris Doctor (postgraduate degree) qualification.

2. What are the career opportunities for BBA-JD graduates?

BBA-JD graduates will have the opportunity to develop multi-fold careers, including but not limited to business consulting, commerce, finance, government, community service, law enforcement, academia, public administration, education and media.

Graduates who aspire to practise as Hong Kong barristers or solicitors may further their study by applying for the PCLL programme, which they may begin after they complete their JD degrees. The CUHK Faculty of Law is one of the institutions that offer the PCLL programme. Students who complete the PCLL Programme will be eligible to embark on training contracts to qualify as Hong Kong solicitors and pupillages to qualify as Hong Kong barristers.