Hear From Our Students

Hear From Our Students

"I was attracted to the CUHK BBA-JD programme because of its interdisciplinary curriculum in legal and business studies, both which I found fascinating and practical in the real-world context. Being interested in corporate law, the programme would allow me to learn how business and law interact, which would not only be fun to study, but also incredibly useful in instilling in me the understanding of how both fields operate together in global business and world events.

I believe I can excel in whichever career path I choose in the ever-evolving landscape of the increasingly globalized world, with the transferrable skills and technical foundation built from the BBA-JD programme. Combining the personal academic and career advices offered by experienced academic advisors and the many opportunities provided by the Faculties, such as mentorship and exchange programmes, I have much confidence in the programme’s ability to prepare me for my career."
Peony Leung
Year 1 BBA-JD Student

"As one year in the celebrated CUHK BBA-JD programme has passed, I have found good opportunities within the programme to move towards my goal of being a citizen of the world. Being able to study both business and law together had highlighted the complexities of problems businesses face in an ever-changing world, and this understanding did a great part to broaden my perspective in considering solutions to real-life problems. As developing flexibility in thinking and being able to accommodate changes due to obstacles are essential to one's ability to work with people from all walks of life, I am grateful for the academic rigour of this programme. I am furthermore delighted by the many workshops and sharing sessions organised by the both the CUHK Business School and Faculty of Law in developing our soft skills, such as networking and interview preparations. These have been instrumental in giving me a better chance to identify my strengths and work on my weaknesses to develop my confidence to face an uncertain future ahead." Ng Yee Yan
Year 2 BBA-JD Student

 “At first glance, I was impressed by the CUHK BBA-JD programme as it is very eye-catchy and distinctive. I wondered how the business and the legal studies are interrelated and being mutually dependent in workplace, so I decided to further investigate this complementary relationship by joining the programme and aimed to be one of the pioneers to put them into real practice in future.

The programme will not only allow me to graduate with dual degrees, a BBA and a JD, in 5 years, but also to gain comprehensive and thorough understanding and possess versatile skills in both sectors. These certainly provide me flexibility and initiative in launching on my career prospects either in business field or in legal field, as well as maintaining my competitive edge in various perspectives.”

Max Chan
Year 2 BBA-JD Student

“I chose CUHK BBA-JD because of its study content of business and law. I have had a career aspiration working in the legal field when I was young. Furthermore, I want to obtain effective leadership and management skills to enhance my competitiveness in legal field. Through this programme, I can obtain a undergraduate BBA degree and a postgraduate JD degree only within five years, which let me choose this programme without hesitation.

The programme attracts me by its world-ranked reputation and career prospectus, which can help me pursue my legal aspiration. Both degrees are globally high-ranked according to reputed ranking publications for world universities. It also attracts me due to JD’s excellent career prospectus in reaching the legal field. The programme has held many workshops and sharing by senior executives for career aspirations and assistance in legal and business study, letting me easily pursue my aspiration, and ensure my rightful decision to study BBA-JD at CUHK.”
Harris Wong
Year 2 BBA-JD Student

“I was one of the founding students of the CUHK JD programme. My decision to pursue law largely came down to appreciating the important and complementary relationship between law and business, an area of interest of mine since my undergraduate business studies at the CUHK. I started my full-time career in the banking field while studying the JD part-time. The experience of being able to bring my work knowledge into the classroom (and vice versa) was rewarding and thought-provoking; certainly it helped bring to life the practical applications of different legal rules and principles. Although I took a slightly unconventional path of not seeking a legal qualification after obtaining my JD, I am still reaping the fruits of the knowledge and skills from my business and legal studies at the CUHK in my current roles as an compliance advisor at the international law firm Sidley Austin, a doctoral candidate and a member of the teaching faculty at the HKU Law School.”

John Lee
BBA(Hons) (CUHK); JD (CUHK); PhD (HKU) Candidate; FICA; CAMS
Conflicts & Compliance Manager, Asia Pacific, Sidley Austin

“I always wanted to do both business and law because the two do go hand in hand. This seems a cliché but it is also true. Business is not just about numbers, but is also about how one's interest can be protected to the largest extent by agreeing good legal terms. During our business degree, we learned how to market products to boost sales and how to use financial models to give insight into business structures and to evaluate key performance drivers. Often, though, we neglected the underlying legal issues, such as how to avoid potential claims from other parties, what to do to prevent others from stealing ideas, etc. This is where law comes in. I also think law helps provide a more complete picture of how to run a business and how to uphold a company’s best interests, whether commercial or legal, without affecting business progress.”

Tina Wong


“I first became interested in law after taking a course on business law during my undergraduate BBA degree. I was fascinated by how business and law are closely interconnected. Most importantly, I realised that without a sound legal system, Hong Kong would never have grown into such a successful international business center. In fact, today’s world is a sophisticated one that goes beyond the scope of traditionally defined disciplines. It demands talented professionals who possess transferable skills to excel in different areas. The study of the JD programme after completing my BBA degree equips me precisely with that exceptional blend of knowledge and skills. It undoubtedly provides me with a unique competitive edge, whether ultimately I embark on a career in law or business.”

Winky Leung
Trainee Solicitor, Viven Chan & Co.

“A question I and students with business and finance backgrounds are frequently asked is how I can generate an excellent return on my educational investment. My answer to this question is to invest in yourself when you are still young. The CUHK Juris Doctor programme gives business students an excellent opportunity to break into the legal profession, which is a professional path that offers tremendous upside potential. The Faculty of Law is highly international, with professors from solid academic and industry backgrounds. As a cradle for an increasing number of Hong Kong’s legal elite, the JD is developing an increasingly strong alumni network. A business background also provides a valuable synergy if one aspires to be a solicitor handling large corporate transactions or IPO exercises, or a barrister cutting through complex commercial disputes. The Juris Doctor program, together with a sound business background, gives prospective talent an unparalleled edge for development in various commercial disciplines in a knowledge-based society.”

Isaac Lam
BBA (Hons) (CUHK); JD (CUHK) Candidate