Message from the Programme Co-Directors

Lawyers and businessmen have a common lament. Business clients sometimes say their lawyers know all the law but show weaker business knowledge and sense. Conversely, legal professionals, in particular in-house counsel, often wish that business people could be more aware of the law’s constraints and opportunities.

One reason for this state of affairs may be the way we compartmenalise our students’ education. Business and law are closely related but different disciplines. Law students study business-related law but virtually no core business subjects. Business students dabble only in the most basic legal concepts and content.

The CUHK Business School and Faculty of Law’s BBA-JD Double Degree, a five-year programme, offers men and women of law and commerce a solution to these professional blind spots. Graduates will hold two degrees, a BBA and a JD. So long as they follow a prescribed JD structure, they will be eligible to apply for the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) programme, which they must complete to be eligible to join the Hong Kong legal profession. Graduates who join the business profession will also find the legal knowledge that they have acquired in the programme useful in their work. The BBA-JD Double Degree retains the full-blooded and distinctive training of each discipline. It blends them, however, into a balanced and structured body of knowledge and set of skills. Whether our graduates ultimately join the ranks of the legal profession or the business elite, they will be equally fluent in the language and method of statutory interpretation as they will be in the language and method of business.

This rigorous and consolidated education - which we see as a whole person education - is a formidable asset. We welcome the best candidates, from both Hong Kong and beyond, to our halls and to the world of opportunity beyond our Double Degree offers.

Dr. Anthony Law
Co-Director, BBA-JD Double Degree Programme
CUHK Business School

Mr. Elliot Fung
Co-Director, BBA-JD Double Degree Programme
Director, Juris Doctor Programme
CUHK Faculty of Law

Programme Overview

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme) and Juris Doctor Double Degree Programme (BBA-JD) is an elite programme offered by CUHK Business School and CUHK Faculty of Law. The Programme being the first of its kind in Asia, is a 5-year through-train full-time programme. It features a unique combination of business and law courses, allowing students to acquire knowledge and practical skills in these two complimentary disciplines. On completing the Programme, students will graduate with an undergraduate (BBA) degree and a postgraduate (JD) degree.

Programme Structure and Options

Under the BBA-JD structure, students will study a well-designed, comprehensive curriculum and develop a solid foundation in both business and law. This comprises 172 units of BBA major, undergraduate law (LLB), JD and University core courses.
The programme also provides flexibility for its students students to graduate with either a BBA degree, or a BBA degree with a Minor in Law: